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Your comments and questions are welcomed.  Thank you for considering my products.
If this form fails to email your message or you don’t receive a reply within a day, please try directly emailing “ninjatradertools” at our domain “” or “CriticalTrader” at “”.

For all purchased licenses over $39 (not trial licenses), you MUST include your 3rd party-qualified Machine ID.  This will not affect any other 3rd party indicator you are using and will insure your license is uniquely associated with only Critical Data Associates indicators.

To generate this 3rd party-qualified Machine ID, please go the NinjaTrader Control Center and click Help->3rd party licensing…
Enter CriticalDataAssociates in the Vendor Name: field,  your <Firstname><Lastname> concatenated without spaces in the User defined ID: field in the pop-up window; then click Submit button and copy and paste the generated 3rd party-qualified MachineID to the form below or in an email to the address noted above.

The Volume Profile indicator can be a challenging indicator to use, especially for users expecting quick and easy results.  I’ve enabled an automatic 3 day free trial with default parameter settings to render profiles based on the use of minute volume for the casual user wanting a quick look.  If you haven’t already done so, read the product description.  There are hundreds of features and customization settings; the power and flexibility of this indicator are not readily apparent.  This is why I try to be somewhat selective with trials.   I provide no-obligation one-on-one support during (as well as beyond) the evaluation period (usually requiring only a couple of hours).  My intent is that if you are seriously looking for a professional grade VP indicator, I will take as much time as is necessary to help you configure the indicator so you are successful and to take full advantage of all its features. I also provide complimentary pre-computed Volume-At-Price (VAP) cache files and sample workspaces for markets for which I have data.

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