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Please understand that the Volume Profile indicator can be a challenging indicator to use, especially for users expecting quick and easy results (particularly true for the NT7 version).  I’ve enabled an automatic 3 day free trial with default parameter settings to render profiles based on the use of minute volume for the casual user wanting a quick look.  If you haven’t already done so, read the product description. There are hundreds of features and customization settings; the power and flexibility of this indicator are not readily apparent.  I provide no-obligation one-on-one support during (as well as beyond) the evaluation period (usually requiring only a couple of hours).  My intent is that if you are seriously looking for a professional grade VP indicator, I will take as much time as is necessary to help you configure the indicator so you are successful and to take full advantage of all its features. I also provide complimentary pre-computed Volume-At-Price (VAP) cache files and sample workspaces for markets for which I have data.

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